about the fund


    Ti Legenda Fund for the support and development of children is a not-for-profit organization, established in 2014 to support Russian children. The Fund was created with the belief in the younger generation’s ability to better the world and that the search for and promotion of talent in children is a vital tasks facing modern Russia.

Central Activities:

  • Searching for and promoting talented children from all over Russia and creating opportunities for their creative and social advancement.

  • Searching for and promoting “child heroes” – children, who have demonstrated acts of heroism by rushing to someone’s rescue without hesitation or concern for their own wellbeing – from all over Russia and creating opportunities for their social and professional advancement.

  • Encouraging morality and reviving and popularizing Russian culture and history among the younger generation.

  • Creating a safe creative space, free of any barriers, for children to develop their abilities, regardless of their social or special needs standing.

    The “Ti Legenda” Fund for the Support and Development of Children closely liaises with leading Russian public organizations, which opens many doors.

     The Fund coordinates charitable programs, represents the interests of talented children, nominates them for awards in the arts field, provides financial support for educational initiatives and for trips to competitive events and arranges and coordinates tours, concerts and master-classes. 

     The team coordinates projects aimed at developing children’s educational and creative potentials:

      1. Both domestic and international educational and cultural trips for “child-heroes”.​

      2. Biannual “Ti Legenda” International Talent Festival.

      3. Annual “Ti Legenda” creative plein-air competitions.

      The Fund also participated in federal programs and projects:

      1. Opening the Russian Language Department from The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute at Havana University (Havana, Republic of Cuba).

      2. Opening the Russian Language Department from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute at the Russian Orthodox Spiritual and Cultural Center in Paris, France.

      3. Organization of the Safety and Road Regulation stand at the International Salon of Education 2017, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia).

     4. Organization of the international volunteer program “Global Ambassadors of the Russian Language” (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia).

     5. Organization of the Ministry of Education and Science’s stand at the “Road Safety for Life Safety” Congress (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

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