Alina Izotova

Born on September 4, 2001
in Alexandrov, Vladimir Region

       2016 began with considerable success for 14 year-old graduate of the Children’s Art School of Alexandrov, Alina Izotova.  She won the Grand Prix at the “Ti Legenda” International Talent Festival, participated in Channel One’s vocal TV show “The Voice Kids” on team Pelageya. 

         Alina has been fascinated by music since she was a toddler.  She took preparatory classes for two years, and began study at Art School from the age of 7.  In 2015, she graduated with a focus on piano.  Simultaneously, she sang in a folk choir.  Later Alina decided to start singing solo and enrolled in the estrade department (stage performance for large gatherings). 

    Three years ago, she began to practice vocals with her fellow countrywoman, School No. 1 graduate Snezhana Alexandrovna Orlova, teacher of folk vocal at the Y. A. Shaporin School of Music at the A. G. Schnittke Moscow Institute, an institution for young talents. 

     When Pelageya hit her buzzer and her chair turned around, the emotion was overwhelming and is impossible to relay.

       In addition to filming, in May of 2016, Alina participated in the “Ti Legenda” International Talent Festival, which took place in St. Petersburg.  This trip was a gift earned by her Grand Prix victory. 
           In addition to music school, Alina continues to go to Sunday School.  She participates in performances, in events hosted by cities and hangs out with her peers.  In the future, she hopes to enroll in the A. G. Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music. 

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