Elizaveta Zubova

Born on April 11, 2006 in Tsimlyansk, Rostov Region

     From the small town of Tsimlyansk in the Rostov Region, Liza Zubova studies in an ordinary secondary school and is an excellent pupil, a fact of which she – in her own words – is very proud.  Liza loves to sing and dance and says that despite the size of her tiny native city, there are excellent teachers of both choreography and vocals.
       Notwithstanding her young age, Liza partakes in various city, federal and international level creative festivals, where her impressive performances earn her top finishes and prizes in both the choreography and vocal categories.  One of Liza’s bright victories earned her the title of laureate in the 2nd degree at the “Ti Legenda” International Talent Festival, which took place in St. Petersburg in May of 2016.

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