Sounds of Russia

          There are good partnerships between “The Brotherhood of War” and Fund for the support and development of children.
        Having a common course of development and a goal in the direction of efforts for patriotic education and work with young people, for studying their history, sincere and respectful attitude to their ancestors, the All-Russian Public Organization “The Brotherhood of War” and Fund for the support and development of children spent the first year implementation of national and international social and patriotic projects.
        Having good and mutually respectful relations, "The Brotherhood of War" sent for participation in the International Festival-competition "Sounds of Russia" on May 1 - 4, 2019, the winner of the Presidential Grants Foundation competition established by the Support Fund for the support and development of children, a creative team from the Donetsk People's Republic in the amount of 35 people.
           Pupils of art school №2 them. A. Khanzhonkov (Makeyevka), music school No. 1 (Makeyevka), art school No.7

(Donetsk), Komsomolskaya music school (G. Komsomolskoye) and Khartsyzsk school of arts (Khartsyzk) will be performed by Russian people's military songs and melodies.
       We wish the participants success in the upcoming competition and all creative endeavors, and our partners wish to achieve the goals set, inexhaustible energy and optimism for the implementation of existing projects and the creation of new ones!

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