Фестиваль Счастье

           Passed from May 29, 2018 to June 1, 2018.
Several nominations were presented at the festival:
"Theatrical creativity",
"Literary word",
Participants passed qualifying days at the best sites of the city such as:
Theater "them. M.A. Bulgakov ",
KZ Izmailovo.
          And the main event of the festival - the final, was held in the State Kremlin Palace. There was a full audience, amazing rooms selected especially for the gala concert. Smiles, joy, kind energy reigned all day on the territory of the Kremlin Palace.

           All participants were evaluated by a component jury:
In the nomination "Theatrical creativity" and "Literary word": Yevgeny Chernov, Tatiana Mukhina, Churgel Anatoly.
In the nomination "Choreography": Nikolay Morozov, Alla Sigalova, Yuri Derevyagin.
In the vocal nomination: Olga Dyachkovskaya, Sergey Krylov, Anatoly Kislyakov, Svyatoslav Moroz.
The festival "Happiness" gathered 5893 people from different cities of Russia, the CIS and Europe.
The organizers did their best to give a lot of emotions and gifts for the participants.

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