«What we think, know or believe in, is not that important in the end of the day.  What matters I how we act.»  

John Raskin


   «The soul is formed by kindergarten and the family.  But first of all by school!  I went to first grade in 1943.  Winter, war… What kind of breakfast could you get at home? Herbal tea.  A piece of bread.

   But at school, the stove was heated from the early morning.  After second period, the teacher brewed the very same tea and poured it into everyone’s mug of slightly diluted saccharin – personally!  She would open the door to let in the attendant, who brought with him a baking tray full of little hand-pies.  What they were with, I don’t remember, but they were the most delicious in the world!  We ate them, washed them down with hot tea as our teacher read us various stories.  That was called an education!  That was called care!  Care for the next generation.

    This is how children are raised to love their motherland; when they feel their motherland loves and cares for them...

TI LEGENDA | 2017-2022