The regional branch of the party "EDINAYA RUSSIA" and the Sevastopol Regional Branch "Combat Brotherhood" launched the project "Sevastopol landing", which is held with the support of the Foundation "Ti-Legenda".
           13 Sevastopol residents of different ages flew to Moscow on the May holidays.
           The program of the visit included excursions to metropolitan museums and visits to cultural monuments, visits to schools and medical institutions, participation in discussions and exchange of experience in the framework of “round tables”.
The finale of the trip was the participation of “paratroopers” in the action “Ribbon of Victory” - the deployment of the giant St. George ribbon at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements and the transfer of the baton to Sevastopol.
           According to the founder of the Anastasia Stogovaya Foundation, in the future the landing of the “Sevastopol assault forces” will become regular. “We believe that New Moscow will become a positive example for Sevastopol of forming a comfortable urban environment, that the guys will make friends with each other and continue communication, and the adults will be able to exchange experiences and use the knowledge and skills they have to develop Sevastopol.

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