Sophia Polun

Born on August 12, 2008 in Krasnodar

        Sophia is a student of the V. G. Zakharchenko general secondary school for gifted children.  Sophia simultaneously studies at two separate departments of art and aesthetics at the V. G. Zakharchenko secondary school (in the departments of folk instruments and folk choir).  She is taught by L. V. Shaposhnik, who has been honored for the advancement of culture in Kuban. 
     Sonia is one of Mr. Shaposhnik’s top students, a fact confirmed by her victorious finishes at prestigious regional, federal and international competitions.  Just one of these bright victories: laureate of the first degree of the “Ti Legenda” International Talent Festival in 2016.
      She likes to program, sing and study (only for top grades).  She is part of the Kuban Cossack State Choir and performs at their concerts.  She solos on the accordion with folk orchestras.  During her years of study under Mr. Shaposhnik, Sophia has formed a large, diverse repertoire, which she actively demonstrates at solo concerts and at international, federal and regional competition venues. 

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