Sounds of Russia

           The Foundation for Children's Development Support Foundation has won the presidential grant and will hold

the festival “Sounds of Russia”!
           God gave us music, so that we first of all would drag it up ...
                                                                                                                                                   Friedrich V. Nietzsche
           Where there is life and freedom, there is a place for new creativity.
                                                                                                                                                   S. Bulgakov
           Russia is a strong, independent, multinational and hospitable country. At all times, people of different nationalities live in its territory as one friendly family. The festival “Sounds of Russia” was created precisely in order to show how rich it is in folklore and exchange cultures! All this will help to open new frontiers, to go beyond the limits and to bring something new into the already established tradition of the peoples.
       During the festival, the foundation faces many tasks that need to be implemented. This is an increase in interest, development of artistic taste, instilling a spirit of patriotism and respect for the history of young people in Russia. During the festival, talented, gifted groups and performers will be identified who will exchange their achievements and experience of creative ideas.
            Participants of the Festival will be able to express themselves in such areas as "Vocal" and "Instrumental Art".
Also, participants will have a unique opportunity to attend master classes and round tables, at which each participant will receive feedback from the National and Honored Artists of Russia, famous cultural figures.
            All this will further help to establish the mutual enrichment of cultures and promote friendship between the peoples

of Russia.

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